Monday, July 12, 2010

Fractoid 1.3.5 released

Updated to the new version of Luke Hutchison's multitouch controller (MT Controller Google Code Page). Fixed a few bugs and added support for Froyo. I swear I am going to get back to adding new features soon!


  1. what is needed is the dimensions of the image. min C max C it could be added to more in the menu or an about as done in google maps

  2. just downloaded it. very cool, bravo!

  3. The Mandelbrot set was derived —
    In its complex quadratic-contrived
    Polynomial form —
    To repeat as a norm:
    With self-similar fractals revived.

    These irregular shapes are a set.
    As each fractal is plotted, you get
    Geometrical art
    That reflects in each part
    Its original — small — smaller yet.

    So they go, on and on; there's no end
    To recursions that make your mind bend!
    As you pass through these levels,
    Your consciousness revels:
    Are we just a fractal God penned?


    The Franco-American (Polish-born) mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot (MAN-duhl-broht) (b. 1924) studied parameter spaces of complex quadratic polynomials. With modern information technology he was able to plot their point sequences to form images of complex fractals. Partly because of his work, fractals have been introduced into many practical as well as aesthetic applications today.

    (Co-Authored with Carol June Hooker)

  4. So I made a nice fractal image and did 'Save Image' but I've searched and searched and I can't find the saved image anywhere!

  5. I can't save images either. Nexus 10

  6. Yeah.. Same issue here. Unable to save images.

  7. Hey love your fractoid app. Have you given any thought to releasing it on windows with a larger resolution save so these can be printed high quality?

  8. Where does this app save files to? I can not find my saved images or the app for that matter. I looked both in the gallery and when that failed I searched with file explorer to try and find them and I could not even find a folder for the app.

  9. Thanks for writing this. Any reason why it has just disappeared from the Google Play Store?